Recombinant Blood Group Proteins

Detection and identification of clinically significant blood group specific antibodies in patients requiring a blood transfusion can be difficult if antibodies to high frequency antigens are also present. Soluble recombinant (sr) proteins with blood group antigen activity can be used to inhibit haemagglutination by these ‘nuisance’ antibodies, allowing identification of underlying clinically significant antibodies. Sr proteins are pre-incubated with patient serum or plasma before the addition of the inhibited patient sample to panel red blood cells.

Knops Inhibition Reagent (KNIR) contains a mixture of two srCR1 proteins that inhibit red cell agglutination by anti-Knops/McCoy blood group specific antibodies in both gel and tube agglutination tests.

One vial is sufficient for up to 12 inhibition reactions.

This product is available to UK transfusion services and overseas customers.

Note: we ship this product by courier on dry ice. Store at -20°C

Product code Antibody Specificity Class Light chain Datasheets
9497 KNIR Knops Inhibition Reagent Recombinant protein N/A Datasheet


All of our products are exclusive of VAT.  We ship our purified recombinant blood group protein products worldwide on dry ice by courier (Flight Logistics Group) and shipping fees will apply. Contact us if you require a quote, or have alternative courier arrangements. 

Price List valid until March 2022.

1+ 50.00
5+ 45.00
10+ 40.00

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