Red Cell Reference Services

The Red Cell Reference Department of the IBGRL undertakes antibody and antigen investigations of a ‘non-routine’ and complex nature.

Antibody investigations normally involve a rare phenotype or a complex mixture of antibodies (or both) where compatible blood would be difficult to find.

Red cell antigen investigations may be carried out on all blood group systems where determination of phenotype is difficult or an uncommon polymorphism is suspected.

The laboratory has a unique collection of over 4000 rare typing sera and 2000 rare red cells. This enables the laboratory to solve the most complex serological problems.

One-half of referrals are from specialist centres in Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA. In collaboration with workers around the world, the laboratory continues to make important discoveries in the field of human blood groups. The laboratory also maintains the National and International Panels of Rare Donors.

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