IBGRL Research Products

IBGRL Research Products include monoclonal antibodies and soluble recombinant proteins as research and diagnostic tools for use in immunohaematology.

Why choose IBGRL Research Products?

  • Quality: our products are of a high quality and are used by researchers, healthcare professionals and industry worldwide. All products are tested against high quality control standards before sale.
  • Customer support: we are a small team and our customers are very important to us. Our expert team is available to answer technical queries and support customers in the scientific work they do with our products, and our responses are fast.
  • Flexibility: we are able to produce custom products according to your needs. We also have the flexibility to take on custom cell culture and protein production work.
  • Expertise: as part of NHS Blood and Transplant, we understand the latest research and practise in transfusion and transplantation science.
  • Price: our reagents are competitively priced, and there is no delivery charge for the majority of orders within the UK.

Our products

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