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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – please contact IBGRL before referring samples from suspected/confirmed positive patients.

Sample(s) and request form(s) must be labelled as HIGH RISK and comply with UN3373.

Further information

Customer surveys

Each year, IBGRL Reference Services (comprised of the Molecular Diagnostics and Red Cell Reference laboratories) conduct surveys with users of our services. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation we are deferring all surveys to a later date. There is no need to wait until we send you a survey. You can email your feedback to: 

molecular.diagnostics@nhsbt.nhs.uk or IBGRL.RedCellReference@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Summaries of results

Following the feedback from the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we have implemented the following improvements:

  • Turnaround times are now published on our website
  • FRM4674 - fetal genotyping from maternal blood referral form - has been updated to improve ease of use
  • INF1291 - Preparation of plasma to be sent to IBGRL for genotyping - has been updated for ease of use and sample label templates included
  • Our website has been redesigned to improve ease of access and customer experience

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