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Molecular Diagnostics User Guides Sending Samples

User Guides and Sample Referral Forms can be downloaded in PDF format from this page. Click on the title to open in new window.


Red Cell Reference

Red Cell Reference User Guide  (INF1136/2.1)

(There is no Sample Referral Form for Red Cell Reference samples, see User Guide)









Fetal RHD Screening Service

This service is only available to NHS Trusts who have signed a specific contract with NHSBT.

Please contact Kirstin Finning if you need further information Tel:0117 921 7573; Email: kirstin.finning@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Fetal RHD Screening Service User Guide (INF1259)

Fetal RHD Screening Referral Form (FRM5197)

Guidance for completion of form (INF1340)

Labels for sample boxes

Patient Information Leaflet: Mother's blood test to check her unborn baby's blood group (INF1263) (INF1263)


Blood Group Genotyping Service User Guide (INF1135)

Molecular Diagnostics Terms and Conditions (TC056)

Fetal Genotyping Sample Referral Form (FRM4674)

Guidance for completion of form (INF1343)

Blood Group Genotyping Sample Referral Form (not for fetal genotyping samples) (FRM4738)

Guidance for completion of form (INF1341)

Fetal Sex Typing Sample Referral Form (FRM4739)

Guidance for completion of form (INF1342)

Preparation of plasma to be sent to IBGRL for fetal genotyping (INF1291)